Encryption, Database and Biometrics Library and Software Suite

EnDaBi is a software suite originally developed as a third year project by a group of Computer and AutoControl Engineering Students at Tishreen University.

Our goal is achieving an easy-to-use compact, minimal and fast C++ library that implements various Encryption schemes (both Synchronous and ASynchronous).

We also aim to implement our own (light-weight / indipendant SQLite library), that will complement our data security goals.

And in the long run, we hope we could also achieve biometric scanning and authentication and incorporate it with our project.

The Project consists of the following directories:

EnDaBi : The Main Directory of the EnDaBi C++ Libraries and their Demo applications.

SQLDemo : This is a demo we toyed around with to expermint with various concepts of
SQL using sqlite3 and the Java Programming language.

Icons-Banners : a host of Icons and Banners designed for the project.


Finished a working and reasonably
fast/secure RSA scheme implementation : June 2015.

SQLDemo fully functional and ported to Ubuntu 14.04 : July 2015.

endabi.github.io up and running : September 2015.

Cloning the Repositories

EnDaBi :
git clone https://github.com/EnDaBi/EnDaBi.git

SQLDemo :
git clone https://github.com/EnDaBi/SQLDemo.git


The Developers

Copyright (C) 2015-2016 EnDaBi